Address: 15614 SW 50th Terrance

Miami, FL 33185

Toll Free: 877-772-3385

Email:  info@libertyblooms.com


Toll Free: 877-772-3385

Fax: 877-221-6782

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Liberty Blooms, Inc. is a single farm consolidator and the exclusive American importer of Uniflor's flowers from Colombia. Our alliance provides a powerful logistics approach system that allows you to buy directly from our farm and saves you the air transportation and importing hassle as we deliver your flowers directly to your trucks departing Miami.

Uniflor is the name of our operation in Colombia. Our two farms neighbor the JMC International Airport in Rionegro (MDE) from where all cargo airlines fly regularly to Miami. Our product is therefore the freshest you can get out of Rionegro.

Liberty Blooms has a daily consolidation from MDE to MIA and outsources the handling and delivery to truck connection processes for all our boxes with KM Handling & Imports, LLC. Our distinct logistics approach allows us to achieve a superior performance of our cold chain and have expedited control over our consolidation. The conditions that generate these advantages include:

  • All our boxes are strictly precooled at our farm.

  • All boxes from our consolidation are delivered to MDE airport in one same refrigerated truck.

  • Our truck unloads all boxes from our consolidation at a single airline, without compromising be continuity of our cold chain.

  • Since all boxes in our consolidation arrive to the airport together, they are palletized together to be loaded on the plane.

  • Since all our boxes are the same size the stacks on the jet pallets are very stable so very few boxes tend to get crushed when moving the pallets.

  • A minimum number of boxes are inspected by PPQ (Plant Protection & Quarantine) since all our boxes come from one grower.

  • To turn our boxes over to our handler expeditiously, the airline has no need to regroup boxes from our consolidation that would be spread out through numerous pallets in the plane in any other case.

  • You can conveniently track your boxes through our web page and know exactly where your orders are. Our information system provides a complete follow up of your boxes until they reach your truck in Miami (or until they reach your site if going by Armellini).

Our product lines include:

  • Spray Chrysanthemums

  • Disbud Chrysanthemums

We custom-pack standing orders and any additional orders placed up to 4 days before your Miami truck. We pack more bunches per box than others farms to conveniently allow you to save money on truck ground freight. At the same time we keep some product available in Miami for same-day  and next-day truck orders, which helps you cover both your short-term and mid-term needs with the most commercial varieties in the market.

You regularly receive 2 daily offers from us:

  1. A Farm Availability offer with fresh product from the farm

  2. A Miami Availability offer to order for same-day truck or next-day truck at open market prices.

  3. We also have a "Farm Bargain" with limited quantities for the product sold directly at a "farm level" by Uniflor- Colombia.

In order to support your marketing and sales strategies, in a way that no other supplier can, we assign you an exclusive farm direct brand; eliminating any direct competition threats for you and giving you the chance to position your assigned brand.

Our service is based on rapid response, flexibility for last minute changes and a fully bilingual team devoted to meeting your needs. Our sales team is based at the farm, right inside Uniflor's packing facilities and has full communication capabilities (phone, cell, fax and high speed internet). We're also part of the Floralship Interface and the GTIN Initiative to reach the needs of our tech-savvy customers.

We specialize in servicing wholesalers and bulk product needs of bouquet assembly companies in more than 200 cities within the United States and Canada who prefer to buy fresh cut flowers directly from the farm with all the benefits at buying in Miami... the best of both worlds!